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Welcome to Motherhood by Grace!

     I am excited to have you here.  I realize that I just started this blog, and so there isn’t much content.  But my intent is while giving you helpful, inspirational, and fun content, I’d like to play catch-up to a few of my favorite blogs that I follow.  This may be a daunting task that I intend on undertaking.  But, I fully believe that is one I can accomplish.  I would like to make sure that my readers have a spectacular time at my blog, and I want you to have the best, most helpful content at the beginning of our journey together.  So, grab the drink of your choice, find a comfy place to relax, and enjoy this guided tour of Motherhood by Grace!  All links are set up to open in a new window so that you are able to return to this page with ease.

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About Me – Short & Sweet Version
Roundpicforblog      I am the proud mother of three wonderful children, and devoted wife to D.  I have been blogging on  and off on other blogs since 2004.  My mission had been to talk about mostly fashion and beauty, when I began blogging so many years ago.  However, my new goal, is to have a place where women can come together for inspiration, information, to encourage women to become a better  potential helpmate for their husbands, or possibly potential husbands, as well as inspire women to become a more organized mother and homemaker.  To learn that “through grace and love, a woman is more beautiful than a ruby.”

     For fun: I LOVE dark chocolate, energy drinks, and organizational blogs.  Dogs, dancing, upbeat music, Focus T25, watching football, writing and dreaming about future possibilities make me happy too.  If you want to get to know me without having any actual conversations, not that it is any fun without conversing; but I fit the Myers-Briggs profile ISTJ to a tee.

About Me – The Long Version

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