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As Southern as they come, {as a Northern girl that is}.  I’m equipped with a splendid childhood in Wisconsin, and working on a Bachelor of Arts in eMarketing from Ashford U, home of the Saints.  I’ve spent time working in marketing, public relations, and new media—a lover of communication, I have spent the last few years learning and living social media, from Pennsylvania to Ohio, down to Georgia, and finally, thankfully back home to Ohio.  But first things first—I’m a mother.

There’s a special sparkle in my eye for social media, and I’ve grown to appreciate the uniqueness that comes with each individual’s personal style on the blog-sphere.  Fashion, decor, Blog DIY, whatever it may be– I’m a style-seeker of sorts, always chasing inspiration through social media, and I find that makes life just so much sweeter or shine a little brighter.

I say y’all, a lot.   At times there’s a good chance I might be dramatic or sarcastic.  I’m practicing to become more adept in the kitchen, but can bake you up a rockin’ texas brownie cake.

Loves?   Music.  Austen.  Redbull.  Zumba.  Daisies.  Romance movies.  Dancing.  Summer storms.  Country.  Inspirational quotes.  Blog DIY.  The smell of fresh cut grass.  Turquoise.  Boots.

I love to talk to you, my readers, so let’s start a little chat.

I’ll be the first to tell you I’m in love with the people in my life, and forgive me, please, if I get nostalgic at times.  I’ll also be the first to tell you that God’s Word is my guide.

Self-proclaimed northern conservative girl with a love for southern style, the written word, and motherhood– these are my reflections on life.


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