Top 100 About Me

1.  New Year’s day, 2003 I made a resolution to lose weight and get into shape.
2.  I ended up losing 50 pounds.  Everyone told me it was too much weight.
3.  I’ve gained ALL of those pounds back, and I don’t feel good good about myself.
4.  I discovered Focus T25 and LOVE it.
5.  Around New Years I will assess my success with T25.
6.  I love Mio.
7.  Seriously. I drink it almost every day.
8.  Every day of my life, I’m afraid that I’ll be unhealthy and get diabetes or worse and not be an amazing mother for my children.
9.  I have one big tattoo across my lower back.
10.  Even though it hurt I have three more, and I’d love to get more.
11. I love to read.  I often have two or three books going at once.
12. I am addicted to the computer.
13.  And to Facebook.
14.  And, to a lesser extent, Twitter.
15.  I have three kids.
16.  I have a sister, whom even though she is almost a decade and a half older, has a daughter the same age as Moppet.
17. I don’t consider myself to be a fussy eater, but I do have a list of foods I don’t like.
18.  Such as onions.
19.  And sushi.
20.  And beets.
21.  I love to bake.
22.  I met D online in Yahoo Chat. (Now Nonexistent)
23.  I moved in with him about a month later.
24.  To have someone to celebrate Christmas with.
25.  Before I had kids, I loved being busy and getting out of the house any chance I got.
26.  After kids, I became very introverted in person.
27.  When given the opportunity, I express myself through blogging, and style of dress.
28.  I was a cheerleader in Junior High.
29.  Everyone has to have a talent for their resume.
30.  In 2000, I graduated from High School.
31.  I moved around a lot between 2000 and 2006.
32.  My hands shake when I’m very nervous.
33.  I have ADHD.
34.  I am Bi-polar.
35.  When I was a kid, I rode on the back of an elephant at the circus.
36.  It was very bumpy and uncomfortable.
37.  And smelly.
38.  I love blogging, but if I had to do it over again, I’d do things MUCH differently.
39.  I wrote about my family in an unflattering manner and my mother still hasn’t forgiven me.
40.  I have no pets.
41.  I hope to have a dog again some day, hopefully another pitbull or doberman pincer.
42.  I have very little html knowledge, but this blog is the official beginning of my teaching myself coding iin both css and html.
43.  I think I’m right.  Always and forever.  Even if I’m wrong, I’m still right.
44.  I think I’m the only person in the entire world that doesn’t like Girl Scouts, and that they are now too liberal for their own good.
45.  I love NCIS, The White Queen, True Blood, and anything on Food Network.
46.  When I was younger, I use to put on dance shows in the hallway when my sisters came home from college.
47.  I was a weird kid.
48.  I met Sascha Konietzko of KMFDM in 2004 and consider that to be a memory for forever.
49.  If I could be sung a song by him, I’d think I was in heaven.
50.  I love daisies.
51.  I’m a candle person.
52.  Despite the fact that I like candles, flowers, and pets, I consider myself a tomboy.
53.  That loves watching football.
54.  And Nascar.
55.  And Baseball.
56.  I love almost all kinds of music.  Not classical.  Not opera.  But most everything else.
57.  Every single day, I have my music playing on my laptop for a couple of hours.
58.  I’m a music addict.
59.  You can tell that because I involuntarily dance and whenever it comes on.
60.  And I sing.  I always sing.
61.  Except that I can’t sing AT ALL.
62.  Doesn’t stop me from trying.
63.  But I don’t think I’d ever be drunk enough to karaoke.
64.  I love movies.  Mostly romantic comedies, but dramas are good too.
65.  I’m also freakishly addicted to lip balm.
66.  My very favorite set of books ever is the Twilight saga.
67.  One day, I dearly want to go to Ireland and Scotland.
68.  I love fruit.
69.  Lucky Charms is my favorite cereal.
70.  I was going to be interviewed for a news segment once.
71.  I read magazines from back to front.
72.  Whenever I open a new book, I open it all the way as the first move.  I’m not worried if I broke the spine – hello, it’s a book. I’m not going to read a book and keep it halfway closed to avoid “harming” it.
73.  I love makeup.
74.  And messing with my hair.
75.  And coloring my hair.
76.  I’ve read the Twilight series at least ten times.
77.  Wait.  I already said that.
78.  It’s still my most favorite book set ever.  Said that already too.  Is this list over yet?
79.  When I get bored, I bake.
80.  Or read.  I’ve been known to hide in the bathroom with a good book.
81.  I love Shabby Apple and ModCloth.
82.  I can’t stand it if anyone reads the newspaper before I do.  That makes me a control freak.  It’s ok.
83.  I am picky about what alcohol I like.
84.  There are some movies I could watch over and over.
85.  Like, say The Princess Bride.
86.  Or Breakfast Club.
87.  Or Les Miserables.
88.  Or Twilight Saga, Serenity, Breakfast Club, Legend, or Labyrinth.
89.  As well as Fried Green Tomatoes and Pride and Prejudice.
90.  I love James Spader.
91.  I took ballet for more than 4 years – and dreamed of going professional.
92.  I was always too heavy and with too much boobage to ever be picked up by a professional company.
93.  I love to watch professional football.
94.  My favorite teams include the Green Bay Packers, and the Patriots.
95.  My favorite city in the world is New Orleans.
96.  I’d love to live there one day.
97.  My nephew plays for Indiana State.
98.  Someday, I want to move back to Wisconsin.
99.  I am attending college for an e-Marketing degree.
100.  I will earn my college degree by August 2017.

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